Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 Zen Volunteers

(Eric P. and friend)

 ---I would like to share something that I have discovered, since the move. This has been going on for years at Laguna Honda. That is the Zen hospice project. They are a bunch of astute folks that cover three shifts…six days per week. They, of course, visit on the hospice. It seems that the hospice project is one of the few situations that I have experienced that has both QUALITY and QUANITY working together.

---They have regular assignments and there are usually two or three on every shift. The whole kit-n-kaboodle is coordinated by Eric Poche, who provides an onsite presence and all the trainings for new and/or young volunteers who are attracted to this type of volunteerism. He gets high marks from his ability to quickly explore ones motives for adding this to his/her journey. His workers have lots of confidence in what he does.

 ---Being as it is that I reside on the hospice, I have the benefit of knowing the Zen Volunteers very well. (I live on the hospice, but I am NOT a hospice patient.) We have shared liberally over the past year plus…since the move. I have been involved in many different aspects of LHH. I have attended many meetings at LHH. One of my recommendations has always been the same. The residents at Laguna Honda need good-solid people with whom to communicate. The Zen Volunteers would fill this bill.

 ---When I first realized they existed…I immediately thought – how do we multiply this program to every neighborhood at LHH? Paul Kelley, my social worker says, ‘’there just aren’t enough saints to go around.’’

---The program is now falling into the jeopardy category. Eric is retiring. Let us all hope that things pick up around this event. If I had my druthers…programs as positive as this one would be a priority and NOT fade away. As a matter-of-fact, I would study the many things that they do right and institute what it is that they do…so well – HOSPITAL-WIDE. A note to anyone listening ‘’they communicate…one-on-one. They engage and involve residents.’’ I think that this is great. Take Care.

---Eric has since retired, but the program is still going strong under Roy R.

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