Sunday, September 15, 2013

''WELLNESS'' can be ''HELLNESS'' first!

‘’WELLNESS’’ can be ‘’HELLNESS’’

…at first!

---We speak about getting well…as if it’s easy! To be well…ALL that one has to do is to STOP doing those things that MAKE HIM/HER UNWELL. That is all well + good…as long as one can ‘’NOT DO’’ WHATEVER IS THE CULPRIT.

---When we were young we learned to do many things that we have since learned are harmful. As a matter-of-fact…that is why we have the Harm Reduction model. Someone realized that going cold-turkey was causing a great deal of failure and was NOT realistic - in most cases. We had to be weaned from the product - like mammals are weaned from their mothers. This is, basically, because it is much the same thing.

---Usually…those with addiction problems can be using whatever they are addicted to - as a replacement to make them feel whole, again. When on the product -they feel fine for awhile - but, then the kicker is that the body - EVENTUALLY - needs more and more to APPROACH the feeling of ‘’feeling fine.’’ They find themselves ADDICTED to the product that they use. Just to feel well…for a short time - they, basically, go through HELL. AND, the ‘’going through HELL part,’’ can be for a VERY long time...especially if you're the one going through it.

---Religions make claims and demands that people follow - NOT really knowing why - that can be so unrealistic and for reasons unbeknownst to anyone except for those who make them - that it seems that folks are turning away left-and-right. I'm NOT saying that there is no good religious thought...but, it can become so cryptically cloaked and misinterpreted that irrelevancy is the best that folks can take from it. People are awakening and thinking for themselves and realizing that fear and superstition has been replacing reason and, hence, running things for a very, long time.

---Most folks make a trade-off with WELLNESS even if they are unaware of it. They use the product to the point that they can withstand AND unconsciously…in many cases, HOPE that they don’t rely too heavily on the product they are relating to for their happiness. People crank out a niche (at this point) and mentally stay there for a good chunk of time AND many times just go along.

---When the day comes that one becomes sick + tired of being sick + tired AND decides that there must be a better way…well, that’s what I’m talking about. Once, again…there is a force within ALL of us that set things right. One has to stop doing those things that have been preventing the Life-Force from working fully in your life. Then you will begin getting well. Wellness and well-being will increase for you, and you will begin feeling better about things...MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

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