Monday, January 04, 2010

UnMasking the ''WELLNESS'' within.

''Self - Image'' Is The Culprit

----Have you ever thought, or had a dream of what life would be like if you were free? You may be hitting home runs in the World Series, speaking your mind appropriately to Congress, or dancing naked in a field. There are endless possibilities. However, how many would choose,''I would keep everything as is.'' Why are so few of us very free?
---The long and the short of it is this: Our own ''self-image'' is the Culprit. Remember, an image is never the thing it represents. A next question could be, what and where is this WELLNESS I hear about? It comes into ''being'' when everything ''unwell,'' lessens. This happens when one is less ''me'' oriented. WELLNESS happens when all the inherited, conditioned ignorance of the EGO is let-go of. As a memory help, I once heard of the EGO referred to as ''Edging God Out.'' I will tell you truly, for all people, ''Within'' our own self exists a WELLNESS that is capable of turning things around from our usual experience and to actually begin to enjoy living.
---The image of our self, I'll bet, came into being at the first sign of someone even suggesting that somehow we are not good enough. Of course, it must be noted that anyone suggesting such atrocious negativity is blinded by his own imagination. Society can be a great discouragement to our letting our wellness out. We seem to endure these onslaughts before we are equipped to deal with them.


---So, Are We ALL Good Enough??
---We are all good enough, but I don't think this is a well-embodied notion. Living is a much more enjoyable event than can be read upon the faces of those whose Spirits are broken. Take a good honest look at how you see yourself and realize that no matter how good or bad it seems, your judgment is probably based upon comparison to others as opposed to what is real, authentic and true. Once one knows the Truth, the False doesn't stand a chance. Be Well.

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